Before On-Boarding

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To on-board any project, a number of basic information is needed:

Globalyzer and LRM


  • Users
    • The list of translation requesters. Those members to add to Jenkins so they have permission to trigger the Prep Kit job:,
    • The list of emails to be notified of the LRM actions:,, Note: All emails will also be used as Dashboard user identifiers.
  • Locales
    • The locale of the files created by developers and to be translated
    • The list of target translation locales
    • The pseudo-locale
  • Resource Files
    • Files types (for instance .properties, .resx, etc.)
    • Naming convention for the base file: for instance <filename> or <filename>.properties
    • Translated file naming convention: for instance <filename>
    • The files or directories which follow the above convention but should NOT be translated. For instance **/config*.properties


  • Globalyzer Scan Information
    • The directories files to be scanned
    • The rulesets to be used to scan the source code.

Next Step

On Boarding the Automation Job