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This section describes how to facilitate linguistic QA. The linguistic QA could be a dedicated resource to that role. Sometimes, an in-country sales will review the application's language.

Pre-requisite: LRM Project Configuration

For this process to take place, the LRM project must be on-boarded using a track-back locale. In this discussion, we use 'br' as the track-back locale. See

Run the application in the target locale (fr)

The linguistic QA runs the application in the target locale, say French. In one of the page, a label does not make sense:

 Livre votre vol [    ]

It should be

 Réserver votre vol [   ]

The linguistic QA needs to report the problem.

Switch to the track-back locale (br)

The linguistic QA stays on the same page and switches the locale to the track-back locale. Here 'br'. Where the French text was located is now a set of identifiers:


The linguistic QA copies that reference to log the issue.

Logs the problem

The linguistic QA needs to log the fact that the French translation needs to be modified. This can be done in a couple of ways.

  • Send an email to the L10n manager / dev manager
  • Enter a bug in a bug tracking system and make sure the L10n manager and dev manager are in the recipients list

The body of either the email message or the bug need to include the following:

  • The identifier for the string
  • The offending string
  • The correct string
  • What to do for the dev so the re-translation process can be triggered

Here is a sample re-translation email .

Dev changes the resource file

A dev needs to modify the target locale resource file, here '', to add the LRM_RESEND tag just above the key/value pair. For instance:

   LRM_RESEND Please change to "Réserver un vol"
   book_flight_label=Livre un vol

and pushes that change in the branch LRM is listening to.

LRM sends for re-translation

During the next round of translation for that project, LRM will notify the translation team that a re-translation is necessary for the French file.

The translator modifies the translation

The translator makes the change in the translation and updates the Translation Memory so next time, this translation will be used. A translator may also decide on a different course of action.

The reference for the translation needs to be kept up-to-date and that can only happen in the translation team's world, not in the developer's world.

LRM Imports the new translation

LRM then will import the new translation. At some point, an updated app will include the new translation

The Linguistic QA closes off the bug

If a bug was entered, the time to close it off is when the linguistic QA goes back to the application and the text has been modified to the correct value.