On Boarding the Group License Expiration Job

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In order to be notified that a group's license is about to expire, a simple Jenkins Job can be setup per licensed group.

  • Copy an existing LicenseExpiration Jenkins job (New Item) whose name is in the form <group_name>.LicenseExpiration, such as Acme.LicenseExpiration under the 4 - License Expiration tab.

New item.png

  • Set the job to be triggered every night, for instance using Build Periodically set to H 2 * * *

Build trigger.png

  • Set an Execute Build Script to $LRM_HOME/bin/job_checklicense.sh 30 if you want to be notified 30 days before the license will expire


  • Set the email notification:
    • Set the recipients for the email. This email will alert the recipients of an renewal of the license for that group is upcoming. You may want to include support@lingoport.com.
    • Check the Send e-mail for every unstable build check box and optionally the Send separate e-mails to individuals who broke the build

Email notification.png

If you want to test it:

  • Modify the Jenkins job and set the Execute Script threshold set to a very large number (5000) and select "Build Now". The email should get sent to the list of recipients.

$LRM_HOME/bin/job_checklicense.sh 5000

  • Reset the Execute Script threshold to 30 and "Build Now" again: No emails should be sent.

$LRM_HOME/bin/job_checklicense.sh 30

Build now.png

The console output of the Jenkins job shows when the LRM license will expire and when email notification will be sent. It looks like:

License line for Acme:  Acme 1000 2020-10-10 933
Number of days left on license for Acme:  933 days
Email Renewal Threshold: 30 days

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