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In order to use Lingoport InContext QA, the user must have access to the Google Chrome browser. Lingoport InContext QA is based off a Chrome extension and other browsers do not have the same capability. Firefox or Internet Explorer can not be used as the browser in this situation.

  • LRM must be installed and
  • the G11n Continuous System's Jenkins server must be accessible from the reviewer's system.

The reviewer needs to have the following information which should be set up by the Jenkins administrator:

  • The Jenkins URL
  • A Jenkins username and password.
  • To get the API token and verify the Jenkins account:
    • Log in to Jenkins using the reviewer username and password.
    • Select the pull down next to username at the top of the window and select Configure.
      • Under API Token, Show API Token.... Copy the token.

In addition, the reviewer will need:

  • Their email address

Chrome Extension Installation

From within the Google Chrome Browser:

  • click on Add to Chrome Extension

You should see the Lingoport swirl Swirl.png at the top of the Chrome browser window.

Chrome Extension Configuration

  • Before configuring the Chrome InContext extension, a username needs to be created in Jenkins.
  • Click on the Lingoport swirl Swirl.png for the Chrome Extension (top right corner of your Chrome)
  • Click on the 'Option' icon (☰) of the dialog.
  • Fill in the data, using the username and API token and Save Credentials
 Incontext credentials.png

You should be ready to do InContext reviews.