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Lingoport InContext Translation 1.0 Release Notes - May 2019

This release introduces Web application context support for TMS/CAT tools.

InContext Translation is a new add-on to Localyzer. Its aim is to support TMS/CAT tools with a viewable context for translators for strings in resource files, such as properties and resx files. InContext Translation uses three components:

  • Localyzer: For InContext Translation, Localyzer instrument files that are then pushed to the associated repository and must be deployed to a server dedicated to InContext Translation: The application running in Chrome will be the basis for to capture the context of the application. Localyzer also sends resource files with decorations, i.e. comments that point back to a URL for the context of each key/value pair in a resource file. TMS/CAT tools can then parse the comments for each key/value pair and display the context of each application segment to translate.
  • InContext Translation Capture: A Google Chrome extension which can automatically capture strings displayed when navigating to the instrumented application (see above) and their associated context and send them to the InContext Server.
  • Lingoport InContext Server: The InContext Server receives the context from the Chrome Capture extension and serves the context from the TMS/CAT tools as sent as decoration in resource files by Localyzer.