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When LRM issues are displayed on the Dashboard, they are displayed with short descriptor. For example:


To see the context of the issue, select the > in the box. The file will open at the point of the issue:


Localyzer Detections

Localyzer detections are split into three categories:

  1. Source Base Checks - applied to base resource files in the source. The base resource file is generally the English file, so these issues will be on these files. See Source Base Checks for more information.
  2. Source Translation Checks - applied to translation resource files in the source. These are the files that have been translated and returned. For example, if the base file is resources_en_US.json, the translated file, for French, now in the source code is resources_fr_FR.json. See Source Translation Base Checks for more information.
  3. Translation Checks - applied to returned translation files. These are the files that are coming back from translation and there are some problems created during translation that is causing an issue. See Import Checks