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LRM Process interacts with the LRM engine (lrm-cli.jar) and L10n Vendors. It is also responsible for sending out notification emails. Each command has an abbreviation. The long version of each command starts with two dashes, --. The short version of each command starts with one dash, -.


This reference gives the short and the long version of each Resource Manager command and a usage example.

  -cs,--check-send                         Command to send any pending prep
                                           kits to the active L10n vendor.
  -d,--debug                               Log4j Debug mode
  -f <path>                                Location of file (-f C:/MyLocation)
                                           or file name with path (-f C:/myfolder/myfile.xml)
  -gn,--group-name <group>                 Specifies the group name.
  -h,--help                                Displays Help.
  -ik,--import-kit                         Import the translated kit.
                                           Example: `lrmprocess-cli.jar -ik`
  -ju,--jenkins-user <jenkinsuser>         Specifies the Jenkin's User that
                                           started the job. Default is
  -kv,--kit-version <version#>             Specifies the kit version id when
                                           importing a kit or when
                                           activating/deactivating a kit.
  -lc,--locale <locale(s)>                 List of locales for the prep kit
                                           --override option.                                  
  -lk,--late-kits                          Email type option to indicate
                                           that an email should be sent
                                           listing all late prep kits.
  -nc,--notify-changes                     Email type option to notify
                                           project managers of resource
                                           file changes.
  -or,--override                           Create a prep kit regardless of
                                           whether there are changes to the
                                           base files.
  -pk,--prep-kit                           Prep a kit. Example:
                                          `lrmprocess-cli.jar -pk -pn
                                           <projectname> -gn <groupname>`
  -plr,--process-lqa-requests              Process all pending LQA
                                           requests. Example:
                                           `lrmprocess-cli.jar -plr`
  -pn,--project-name <project>             Specifies the LRM project name.

  -rf,--resource-file <resource-file(s)>   List of resource files for the
                                           prep kit --override option.
  -se,--send-email                         Command to send an email. The
                                           type of email is indicated by
                                           additional options. Example:
                                           `lrmprocess-cli.jar -se <email
                                           type> -pn <projectname> -gn
  -slr,--save-lqa-requests                 Save all outstanding LQA
                                           requests. Example:
                                           `lrmprocess-cli.jar -slr`
  -vcg,--version-control-get               Email type option to notify of
                                           version control issues when
                                           retrieving source.
  -vci,--version-control-import            Email type option to notify of
                                           version control issues when
                                           committing changes.
  -vn,--version                            LRM Process Main Version

Kit Preparation

With the --dry-run option running successfully, you're ready to prepare a Kit for translation. You do this by running the --prep-kit command with only the LRM project name.

lrm --prep-kit --project-name <project name>

By default, the Kit is created under your 'prep_kit' folder,. Each time you prepare a Kit for your LRM project, LRM will create a folder named PREP_KIT_<version>,(<HOME>/Lingoport_Data/LRM/<group-name>/prep_kit/MyProject), with all the latest settings associated with your LRM Project where <version> is the kit version number. For example, if you ran --prep-kit on your LRM Project named MyProject, the first Kit would be created in the folder (<HOME>/Lingoport_Data/LRM/<group-name>/prep_kit/MyProject/PREP_KIT_1.

The PREP_KIT_<version> contains:

  • A folder for each locale with a copy of each base resource file that has changed since the last time the kit was prepped. If the prep.kit.changes.only option is set in the file then the resource files will contain only the key/value pairs that have changed since the last time the kit was prepped;
  • A BaseFileSearch<target locale>.xml file for each locale describing the base files for the kit;
  • If LRM detected only warnings in your base resource files, then there will also be a BaseFileSearchWarnings<default locale>.xml file describing the warnings.
  • However, if there are errors in the base resource files (rather than just warnings), the PREP_KIT_<version> folder will contain a BaseFileSearchErrors<default locale>.xml file and the kit will not be created. You must correct all errors prior to preparing a kit.

The PREP_KIT_<version> folder is what you send out for translation. The localization vendor will translate the resource files in each of the target locale folders.

Important Note: It is required that the resource files in the target locale folders are translated and returned, maintaining all the other text in the resource files. This is because LRM places a comment tag at the top of each resource file that indicates the LRM Project, Kit version and target locale, which LRM needs during the Kit Import process. An example LRM tag is: MyProjectName_1_5

Override Prep Kit

The override option of the prep kit command will prep a kit regardless of whether there are changes to the base resource files. The prep kit can be filtered by base resource files (--resource-file options) as well as locales (--locale option). If there are no additional options then all base resource file will be sent out for translation.


  • Create a prep kit for all base resource files
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar -pk --override -pn <project> -gn <group>
  • Create a prep kit for specific locales
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar -pk --override -pn <project> -gn <group> --locale fr,de,es_mx
  • Create a prep kit for specific resource files
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar -pk -or -pn <project> -gn <group> --resource-file /var/lib/jenkins/myproject/resources/,/var/lib/jenkins/myproject/resources/
  • Create a prep kit for a specific locale file
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar -pk -or -pn <project> -gn <group> -lc fr -rf /var/lib/jenkins/myproject/resources/