LRM Source Base Checks

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Source Base Checks

Checks against base resource files in the local repository.

For checks against the translated files, see Translated File Checks.

For checks against files to be imported, see See Import Checks

LRM Source Base Date Format Check

  • The text associated with this key may be a date format
"SEAR_947AM_14": "9:47am",

LRM Source Base Duplicate Key Check

  • This key already exists in this file
 KEY_1=first instance
 KEY_1=second instance

LRM Source Base Encoding Check

  • Unexpected encoding or, if an xml file, the prolog may be missing

LRM Source Base File Too Big Check

  • This resource file exceeds the maximum size supported by the Lingoport Resource Manager

LRM Source Base HTML Check

  • There is HTML in the text associated with this key
AKEY_3=<p><b>A line with html</b></p>

LRM Source Base ICU MessageFormat Check

ICUKEY_4={num_of_cars, plural, one{car is fast}}

In addition, if the ICU MessageFormat contains parameters, then the parameters must match. See Parameter Mismatch Check

LRM Source Base Modified Text Check

  • The base text has been modified and the translation has not been updated

LRM Source Base No Key Check

  • a key/value pair is missing the key portion in the resource file to be imported, making the text irretrievable by the application.

LRM Source Base No Text Check

  • There should be some text associated with this key

LRM Source Base Not In LRM Check

  • Either the entire file or this key is not tracked by the Lingoport Resource Manager

LRM Source Base Unknown Error Check

  • There is an error in the base file and LRM cannot identify its source

LRM Source Base Unknown File/Line Format Check

  • Unknown format for file/line or empty file (no key/values found) - The base file/line could not be parsed