LRM Unique File Names

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LRM Unique File Names

LRM has the ability to create unique prep kit file names for a project. This is helpful if a project contains base resource files that have the same name.

Example of a project that has base resource files with the same name

Example file structure:

If changes were made to all of the base resource files (the en.json files) and a prep kit was called, then 3 prep kits would be sent to the project's L10n Vendor. This is because each prep kit folder is required to have unique file names.

To allow for all 3 of these changed resource files in 1 prep kit, unique file names must be created.

Setup Unique File Names for Project

In order to send unique file names to the L10n Vendor, the project's send-unique-file-names flag must be set to 1 (true). This flag can to be turned on/off at any time.

Unique File Name Structure

The unique file name has the following parts

  • LCID
  • Hash of the file's absolute path
  • _
  • file name
Base Resource File: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/project1/workspace/resources/en.json
Unique File name: LID45656543_en.json where 456456543 is the hash of the absolute path of the base resource file.