LRM strings Support

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Example .strings file

/* Class = "IBUILabel"; text = "or"; ObjectID = "DTz-P6-Y3D"; */
"DTz-P6-Y3D.text" = "or";

/* Class = "IBUITextField"; placeholder = "Username"; ObjectID = "FiC-Ph-wbo"; */
"FiC-Ph-wbo.placeholder" = "Username";

/* Class = "IBUILabel"; text = "The username or password was incorrect."; ObjectID = "tDx-oc-GBE"; */
"tDx-oc-GBE.text" = "The username or \"password\" was incorrect.";

Example Project Definition File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
 <project-desc>This is a sample LRM Project definition file, configured for IOS resource files</project-desc>

Why don't Bad iOS Comments Trigger Errors?

If an IOS file has a comment that is not ended properly, no error is thrown. For example, if a comment doesn't have an ending */, such as /*Bad comment no errors are found.

This is due to the formatting of iOS. This type of bad comments would typically be created on the base files.

Note key/value pairs are not effected. Noticed when LRM_RESEND tag was added, the info in the Changed Key values included LRM_RESEND.