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Available Commands Overview

LingoBot allows developers and i18n/l10n managers to make use of Lingoport's product suite without ever having to leave their collaboration environment. With a variety of easy-to-understand commands, users can scan their codebase for potential i18n and l10n issues, gain quick access to the Lingoport dashboard, as well as send resource files for translation and retrieve translation status reports. Here you will find a summary list of the commands which LingoBot will recognize as well as a brief description of each command. Further down you will find in-depth breakdowns of the commands, their use cases, as well as examples of each command in use. If you have any questions that this document doesn't answer, be sure to check out the FAQ page for additional information.


Duplicate Project:

  • duplicate project[ --force] <group>.<project>:<branch>
    • If the force flag is included, a new git branch of the same name will also be created.
  • Creates a child project based on the branch name (source cannot be a child project).
  • Shorthand: dup proj, -f

Delete Project:

  • delete project <group>.<project>:<branch>
  • Deletes the specified child project.
  • Shorthand: del proj

Update Dashboard:

  • update dashboard <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
  • Updates the dashboard with the latest information from the specified project/branch.
  • Shorthand: up dash

Show Dashboard:

  • show dashboard[ <group>.<project>[:<branch>]]
  • Displays the URL of the dashboard corresponding to the specified project.
  • Shorthand: show dash

List Projects:

  • list projects[ <query>]
  • Displays list of active projects (optionally containing )


  • ping
  • Replies with "PONG"


  • help[ <query>]
  • Displays a list of all available commands, filtered by if it is specified.

LRM Only

Critical Errors:

  • show errors <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
  • Displays top 10 LRM-critical errors in the specified project/branch.


  • pseudoloc <group>.<project>:<branch>
  • Pseudo-localizes the specified project.

Prep Kit:

  • prep kit <group>.<project>:<branch>
  • If there are no errors in the specified project/branch, sends the project to the translation vendor.
  • Alternative: translate

Translation Status:

  • translation status <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
  • Displays a summary of the current status of translations on the specified project/branch.
  • Shorthand: tran stat


  • Manages the notification dispatch system for translation imports
  • notify me <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
    • Adds sender (user or room) to recipient list
  • notify who <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
    • Displays recipient list
  • notify stop <group>.<project>[:<branch>]
    • Removes sender (user or room) from recipient list

Globalyzer Lite Only

I18n Scan:

  • i18n scan <group>.<project>:<branch>
  • Scans differences between the branch and its parent for any i18n issues and displays a summary of the scan results.

LingoBot Command Breakdown


LRM Only

Globalyzer Lite Only