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(A typical workflow)
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[File:Trial CICD.png]
[[File:Trial CICD.png|500px]]
==A typical workflow==
==A typical workflow==

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When a customer would like to check out the Lingoport products, it is recommended to set up a trial system. Please contact sales (at) lingoport.com if that's the case. This section describes the process for a Lingoport CI/CD Trial.

Trial CICD.png

A typical workflow

  1. Code is committed to a central source code repository (Git, Subversion, etc) by developers.
  2. Jenkins tools pull the source code from the code repository and scan using Rule Sets stored on the Globalyzer Server or analyze the resource files.
  3. Jenkins tools determine if the resource files need to be sent to, or imported from, the translation vendor. This may be done via an FTP connection.
  4. Emails are sent to designated recipients about the status of the translation upload or import.
  5. Lingoport Dashboard updates the status using the results of the Globalyzer scans and LRM resource reports.