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The Local vendor is used for storing the prep/translated files on the local machine (the same machine where LRM is running). This type of vendor is useful when testing out LRM.

Local Vendor Configuration

To choose a Local vendor for the prep/translated files, uncomment (or add) the l10n.vendor=local in the appropriate config_l10n_vendor.properties file.

The information that is required when configuring a local vendor is:

##Absolute path for zip files to translation (outgoing)
##Absolute path for zip files from translation (incoming)

Lingoport pushes zip files to the configured outbound endpoint and consumes zip files sent on the incoming endpoint. Two endpoints are necessary: a 'to translation' end point and a 'from translation' endpoint. See Prep/Import Zip Files for more information on the types of zip files that can be sent to and from translation.