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Localyzer creates trackback files for a configured locales, by default 'ia' or Interlingua. (The reason for this default locale is that most browsers support interlingua and interlingua is not an actual market locale for typical application. The trackback files contain a key and the original source text. The key allows the system to identify the resource in a repository, branch, resource files on-boarded in Localyzer.

For example, if, for a UI label, the original messages.properties files contains welcome.title=Welcome

a typical translated file, say French, would have the translated messages_fr.properties file with welcome.title=Bienvenue

and the trackback file messages_ia.properties would have welcome.title=143.9278 Welcome

The UI label would display:

  • Welcome when the locale is set to English,
  • Bienvenue when the locale is set to French,
  • 143.9278 Welcome when the locale is set to Interlingua

Handling Errors