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Linguistic Review Made Easy

Lingoport Localyzer facilitates the process of translating resource file (properties, resx, json, etc.). LocalyzerQA is focused on the Linguistic Review process of a running application after translation. A Linguistic Reviewer may be an application specialist who is native in a language, an in-country in-company person, a member of a localization team, or a member of a translation team.

Without LocalyzerQA, the linguistic review process tends to be cumbersome. For example, Linguistic Reviewers may navigate the application based on an email sent by the dev team, then when finding an issue: screen shot the page, highlight the text to be corrected, open a defect in a bug tracking system, assign it to a manager who will then have to find which team/dev/repository that may belong to, have a developer (who is busy with feature development) figure out where the error is located for a string in a language they most likely don't speak and may not even read (think Chinese or Japanese for an English speaker), and send the file with a correction via email to a language service provider. The language service provider team then needs to handle that retranslation: start a workflow, assign that correction, return the correction, send the correction some time later back to the dev team (which may be busy with some other tasks), figure from the email where to push the file back, and finally have a correction in the repo. This tends to take days.

With LocalyzerQA, this process takes minutes and does not involve developers.

User Guide

Configuration / Managers

Executing a Linguistic Review / Linguists and Managers

LocalyzerQA Main Concepts

Users: Managers and Linguists

Users in LocalyzerQA can have two roles:

  • Manager: They set up other Managers and Linguists, Applications, Review, and Tasks, and assign and perform Tasks.
  • Linguist: They execute Tasks, i.e. they do the review for a locale (a task) as per the manager's instructions for that review.


An application is what the Linguists (and Managers) will review. It can be a Web Application, or a Device based application, any application that Localyzer has on-boarded for translation. An application configuration includes the list of target locales.


A Review is a set of directive which can be applied to an application. An application can have reviews for a small increment of development, like a sprint, or part of an application, like the registration pages, or an initial full application review, or an ad-hoc spot check. The same review applies to all or some of the locales in the application.

Just like for the functional QA of an application, a review is assigned to a user (a Manager or a Linguist) for execution.


A task is a review for a locale. A French linguist should not review the Japanese application. So for a given review, the French task will be assigned to a French linguist, the Japanese task to a Japanese linguist.

Post Edits

The post edits are the corrections made by the linguists for a task. Post edits are handled automatically by the Localyzer backend.

Localyzer Trackback locale

Localyzer creates trackback files for a configured locales, by default 'ia' or Interlingua. (The reason for this default locale is that most browsers support interlingua and interlingua is not an actual market locale for typical application.) The trackback files contain a key and the original source text. The key allows the system to identify the resource in a repository, branch, resource files on-boarded in Localyzer.

For example, if, for a UI label, the original messages.properties files contains welcome.title=Welcome

a typical translated file, say French, would have the translated messages_fr.properties file with welcome.title=Bienvenue

and the trackback file messages_ia.properties would have welcome.title=143.9278 Welcome

The UI label would display:

  • Welcome when the locale is set to English,
  • Bienvenue when the locale is set to French,
  • 143.9278 Welcome when the locale is set to Interlingua

Handling Errors