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Error #3: Invalid Key

A key is created by Localyzer (See LocalyzerQA). The key entered during post editing must be exact. In the case of this error, the first part of the key, which relates to the repository and branch for that resource, does not correspond to any Localyzer project.

Possible Corrective Action

  • Go back to the page in the application and switch to the trackback locale (for example Interlingua). Make sure to capture exactly the key in the application. If you notice a difference with the key previously entered, click the entry in LocalyzerQA, and "Send to Task". Go to the Tasks list for that entry. Load it and change the key before re-submitting.
  • If the original key is the same as what's on the page, it may be that the key is now obsolete and that the deployed application is using an old key which does not exist any longer or has been removed from Localyzer. You may want to ask the development team or the dev ops team to re-deploy with a latest version

List of Errors