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Error #2: Invalid Locale

When LocalyzerQA shows an Invalid Locale error, it means that the locale set up in the Application does not correspond to a locale in Localyzer (LocalyzerExpress or a Jenkins based system).

For example, let's say that

  • in LocalyzerExpress, the locale for Portuguese is mapped to 'por', so that a translated file will be in the form resources_por.json (the same goes for other file types like .properties, .resx, etc.).
  • In LocalyzerQA, the only locales available are Portuguese (Portugal), or pt-PT, and Portuguese (Brazil) or pt-BR when setting up the Application. The user picked Portuguese (Portugal), or pt-PT
    • Note: You can see the exact locale code (pt-PT) in the Review for an Application.

The LocalyzerExpress por locale will not match the LocalyzerQA pt-PT. Hence this error message.

You can see the locales handled by Localyzer on the backend (either LocalyzerExpress or a Jenkins based system) as you click on the error in the PostEdit page. It will list the expected locales, for example:

 Target Locales: de-DE,fr,fr-BE,ja,no,por

Possible Corrective Action

If possible, change the locale in LocalyzerExpress or Localyzer to be a locale supported by LocalyzerQA, here pt, or pt-PT. Those are the standard locale as per Locale ISO Codes.

This may require a change in the code locale framework.

List of Errors

[LocalyzerQA Error List|https://wiki.lingoport.com/LocalyzerQA#Handling_Errors]