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Error #4: Not Found

This error occurs when the translation to correct is not found based on the key for that locale. For example, if the text in French is "Viens" in the resource file but the "Current' entry from LocalyzerQA is "Vient", the Not Found error will occur.

Possible Corrective Action

To re-use some of the input, click in the PostEdit on the error, then click on the end to Task link. That will move that entry in the Review list.

  • Verify the spelling of the current text
  • Make sure the key is indeed the correct one for the text and not for another string
  • More rarely, the resource file may contain some characters which show up in the application but are encoded differently. For example, a non-breaking space in UTF-8 in the resource file (302 240) may show up in the application like any other space.

List of Errors