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As a Linguist or as a Manager, follow the directives to review a running application translation and make corrections in LocalyzerQA.

Picking the Tasks to Execute

LocalyzerQA Linguist Task.JPG

A Linguist (shown above) or a Manager can go to the Tasks page from the left panel and will see something like the image above. In this image

  • "Sprint 7 - Registration Steps" has not been assigned yet for the German review. The Linguist Lilianne can "Claim" this review to assign that task to herself.
  • "Sprint 8 - Welcome Page Updates" has already been assigned to Lilianne.

To start Sprint 8, Lilianne clicks on 'Edit'.

Executing a Task

LocalyzerQA PostEdit 1.JPG

The directive tell Lilianne how to proceed. Lilianne follows the directives to the application Lilianne is reviewing:

RebelOutfitters German.JPG

Lilianne already corrected the 3P0. She now wants to correct the Welcome message and remove "Internal". To do so, in LocalyzerQA:

  • In "Current": She enters the translation to be corrected, here "Willkommen bei Rebel Outfitters - Internal"
  • In "New": She enters the corrected string, here "Willkommen bei Rebel Outfitters"
  • In "Key": She needs to enter a key. To do so, she switches over to the Trackback Locale set in Localyzer, here "Interlingua"
RebelOutfitters Interlingua.JPG

The key and the original source locale text are shown, so Lilianne can verify what the original text was and how the translation should fit.

  • In "Key": she enters the corresponding key, here "8.702"
  • In "Comment": She can enter or not something that may be helpful to other members of the teams, or translators, or software engineers...
LocalyzerQA PostEdit 2.JPG