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Resource files are used by internationalized applications to display user facing strings, such as user interface labels, in different locales (languages, country, variant). For instance, messages.properties, an English resource file, can be translated in French and Japanese, resp. messages_fr.properties and messages_ja.properties.

Localyzer Express is a GitHub application which allows for an near immediate translation of standard application resource files. Example of application resource filsThe GitHub application installation takes a couple of minutes. Configure the repositories based on the expected locales and format for the source and target file naming convention, which branches and directories to include or exclude, and the system will then automatically machine translate those files.

Localyzer Express is a GitHub specific and simplified version of the more fully fledged Localyzer.

Note: LocalyzerQA allows for post editing in a QA fashion translation from Localyzer Express

Adding the GitHub Localyzer Express Application

Configuring the Automated Translation for one Repository

Translation Configuration Templates