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Localyzer Express is a GitHub application which allows for a near immediate translation of standard application resource files.

Resource files are used by internationalized applications to display user facing strings (such as user interface labels) in different locales (languages, country, variant). As an example, messages.properties, an English resource file, can be translated in French and Japanese, respectively messages_fr.properties and messages_ja.properties.

To use Localyzer Express:

  • Install the Localyzer Express GitHub application for an organization and choose the respositories (or all) that you would like translated
  • Configure each repository, choosing source and target locales, resource type, file naming conventions, repository branches to include and/or exclude, and resource directories to include and/or exclude.

Localyzer Express will then automatically machine translate target resource files as modifications to source resource files are committed to the repository.

Localyzer Express is a GitHub specific and streamlined version of the more fully fledged Localyzer.

Note: LocalyzerQA allows for post editing in a QA fashion translation from Localyzer Express

Supported Resource Files

The following resource file types are supported by Localyzer Express, provided they follow the standards:

  • properties files
  • resx files
  • json files (no arrays allowed)
  • Android strings.xml files
  • iOS .strings files

Contact info@lingoport.com for support of non standard and other file types, and other translation processes.

Adding the GitHub Localyzer Express Application

This should take a few minutes at most.

The next section details how to use the Localyzer Express configuration application.

Configuring the Automated Translation for one Repository

Translation Configuration Templates

Templates are saved configurations that can be reused when configuring repositories.


LocalyzerExpress License

Localyzer Express Release Notes

Localyzer Express 1.3.0 - May 2022

  • Introduced Applications: An application is a set of repository/branches and is used by LocalyzerQA when performing corrections.

Localyzer Express 1.2.0 - December 2021

  • When configuring your custom Machine Translation Engine, you can now choose to update terminologies/glossaries/dictionaries when LocalyzerQA post edits are processed.
  • Allows an email recipient to be configured to receive notification of machine translation issues.

Localyzer Express 1.1.0 - July 2021

  • Multiple Machine Translation Engines: Localyzer Express now supports four Machine Translation Engines:
    • AWS Translate
    • Google Translate
    • Microsoft Translator
    • Systran

When configuring your Localyzer Express plan, you may choose the type of machine translation engine. Use either Lingoport credentials or your custom credentials.

The default is to use AWS with Lingoport credentials.

Localyzer Express 1.0.0 - March 2021

  • Initial Release