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Once a repository have been configured and the configuration has been validated and saved, translations may happen.

Commits trigger translations

In this example, RebelOutfitters has been configured for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and a few more locales.

Localyzer Express Translate RebelOutfitter Config.JPG

Let's edit a source file, here strings.json under the en-US directory:

Localyzer Express Translate English Modification.JPG

Instead of Mediator, it is now Ambassador in English.

This triggered a translation for that one file, with that change, and the translations are returned quickly, here in less than 1 minute. This depends on how many words need to be translated.

Localyzer Express Translate Returned Right Away.JPG

Let's look at one translation:

Localyzer Express Translate Returned French.JPG
  • Note: To review and Post Edit the translation, use LocalyzerQA

Initiating a translation from LocalyzerQA