Localyzer Express Repository Validation

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Localyzer Express Validate Click Validate.JPG

  • Verify the list of files to be translated and the list of files which will be translated
    • On the left hand side of the "Validation Results", check the files to be translated. In the image below for instance, the 'ko' (Korean) and 'zh' (Chinese) should not be in this set. The Locale configuration and mapping need to be modified. 'lint.xml' should be excluded. See Localyzer Express Repository Configuration
    • On the right hand side, click on the pull-down to check what the translated files will result from the translation.
Localyzer Express Validate Check Results.JPG

  • Save the configuration once you are satisfied with the "Validation Results" list; Click 'Save Config'
Localyzer Express Validate Save.jpg