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Localyzer Comments Overview

Localyzer uses a set of comments, either in the repository files for retranslation requests, or to resource files when sending them for translation. The three types of comments are:

  • A Localyzer Project tag at the top of the file
  • A Localyzer Context tag above a key value pair
  • A Localyzer Retranslation tag above a key value pair


An LRM tag is created as a comment and added when sending a file for translation. It indicates if the file is a full file or a delta, the Localyzer project, the target locale, and the kit number. This LRM tag must not be modified when returning the translated file. The translation validation process uses the LRM tag for some of its internal checks.

Example of the LRM tag, here in a .json file:

   "_LRM_PKTAG636": "RawClipped_5_97 - CHANGES-ONLY"
  • _LRM_PKTAG636: Indicates an Localyzer tag.
  • RawClipped: The name of the Localyzer project.
  • 5: the kit version, here the 5th time files for the RawClipped project are sent to translation
  • 97: the internal language identifier, here Japanese/Japan

Localyzer Context Tag

When Localyzer is configured to work with InContext Translation, the system creates a tag as a comment above each resource key/value pair when sending the file to translation. The tag includes a URL pointing to a context held by the Lingoport Context server. In the TMS or CAT tool, that may appear as a note to the translator, allowing them to see the context for the text to be translated.

Example of a Context tag, here for a .xml file:

    <!--LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3015_41-->
    <data name="DELIVERED" xml:space="preserve"><value>Delivered</value></data>
  • LRM_INCONTEXT: Indicates the context URL for the key / value pair below, here the text to be translated is 'Delivered'

Localyzer Retranslation Tag

When Localyzer processes LocalyzerQA post-edit requests, it adds a comment in the repository to the translated file just above the key/value pair which requires re-translation. When sending the source file to translation, the translated file comment is then added to the source file only for that locale. In the TMS or the CAT, that comment may appear to the translator as a suggestion to retranslate the text. The translated file can also be edited by hand to add that re-translation tag.

Example of a retranslation tag, here for a .properties file:

   #LRM_RESEND LQA-||joe.reviewer@lingoport.com||This is not a romantic date||RDV
  • LRM_RESEND : the directive to the translator/TMS/CAT tool to indicate the retranslation request
  • joe.reviewer@lingoport.com: the email of the person requesting the retranslation, in case more communication is necessary
  • This is not a romantic date: optionally, an explanation of why the original translation was imprecise or wrong
  • RDV: the suggested retranslation by the reviewer.

Example of files with the tags

.json file example

  "_LRM_PKTAG636": "RawClipped_5_97 - CHANGES-ONLY",
  "_LRM_INCONTEXT778": " https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3015_41",
  "delivered": "Delivered",
  "_LRM_INCONTEXT555": " https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3125_45",
  "Sphyrna": "Sphyrna corvette",
  "_LRM_RESEND998": " LQA-||joe.reviewer@trials.com||Note a Romantic Date||Jour",
  "_LRM_INCONTEXT12": " https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3200_45",
  "date": "Date"


.properties file example

#RawClipped_5_97 - CHANGES-ONLY
#LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3015_41
#LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3126_45
rebels.sphyrna=Sphyrna Corvette
#LRM_RESEND LQA-||joe.reviewer@lingoport.com||This is not a romantic date||Jour
#LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3200_45

.xml file example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--RawClipped_5_97 - CHANGES-ONLY-->
<!-- Multi-line
comment above the root
end multi-line -->
<!-- Single line comment -->
    <!--SOURCE_FILE C:/Users/jnedell/Desktop/SmokeTestSource/VBDotNet/strings/CarOption.cls-->
<!--LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3015_41-->
    <data name="DELIVERED" xml:space="preserve"><value>Delivered</value></data>
<!--LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3126_45-->
    <data name="SPHYRNA" xml:space="preserve"><value>Sphyrna Corvette</value></data>
<!--LRM_RESEND LQA-||joe.reviewer@lingoport.com||This is not a romantic date||Jour-->
<!--LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3200_45-->
    <data name="DATE" xml:space="preserve"><value>Date</value></data>

.strings file example

/*RawClipped_5_97 - CHANGES-ONLY*/
/* Class = "IBUILabel"; text = "Delivered"; ObjectID = "DTz-P6-Y3D"; */
/*LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3015_41*/
"DTz-P6-Y3D.text" = "Delivered";
/* Class = "IBUITextField"; placeholder = "Sphyrna Corvette"; ObjectID = "FiC-Ph-wbo"; */
/*LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3126_45*/
"FiC-Ph-wbo.placeholder" = "Sphyrna Corvette";
/* Class = "IBUILabel"; text = "Date"; ObjectID = "tDx-oc-GBE"; */
/*LRM_RESEND LQA-||joe.reviewer@lingoport.com||This is not a romantic date||Jour*/
/*LRM_INCONTEXT https://ts-incontext.lingoport.io/incontext-server/lookup?token=4h23984Rh5JLWhn79tS12UJauH71XV7J9R&key=3200_45*/
"tDx-oc-GBE.text" = "Date";