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This should complete without errors.
This should complete without errors.
=Work Flow=

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Machine Learning Overview

Machine Learning prediction is a Globalyzer workbench and Globalyzer Lite feature that help users handle false positive issues. We suggest applying machine learning as a follow-up step to scanning with Rule Sets. It helps to determine which candidate issues using Rule Sets are indeed i18n issues.


Prerequisite: Python 3.6.x and H2O.ai 3.x

1. Download Python version 3.6+ from website https://www.python.org/downloads/

2. Install python and add python to PATH environment variable

3. Go to this link http://h2o-release.s3.amazonaws.com/h2o/rel-wheeler/4/index.html and make sure you navigate to the "INSTALL IN PYTHON" tab as shown below.

 Install dependencies (prepending with `sudo` if needed):
 pip install requests
 pip install tabulate
 pip install scikit-learn
 pip install colorama
 pip install future

At the command line, copy and paste these commands one line at a time:

 pip uninstall h2o
 pip install http://h2o-release.s3.amazonaws.com/h2o/rel-wheeler/4/Python/h2o-

Success if response messages have "Successfully installed h2o-"

Test1: Open System Command and type in "python -V", success if reply python version like "Python 3.6.2"

Test2: On the command line, go into python. In python:

> import h2o
> h2o.init()

This should complete without errors.

Work Flow