Simple False Positive Handling

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A false positive issue is any issue detected by Globalyzer that does not need corrective action. For example, if Globalyzer detects a hard-coded string, it may be that the string is never displayed to an end user, and therefore does not need to be externalized.

There are different ways to tell Globalyzer that a detected issue is a false positive. One way is to add a Globalyzer comment on that line of code, effectively telling Globalyzer to ignore the issue.

Here's a Java code snippet illustrating a string that Globalyzer would detect:

   String marker = "Marker 15";

By adding the //$NON-NLS-L$ comment at the end of the line, Globalyzer will now ignore the issue:

   String marker = "Marker 15"; //$NON-NLS-L$ 

Note: Make sure to use the line comment syntax appropriate for your programming language.

Once the code is modified and pushed to the source control system, Globalyzer will rescan the file and the issue will be ignored.

See here for more detailed information on handling false positives.