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Internationalization Management use of Globalyzer i18n Express

The Globalyzer i18n Express Server


The Globalyzer i18n Express Server

The Globalyzer i18n Express Server is for internationalization management to monitor the plan, its members, and the scanning that is occurring.


The area in dark gray is static. Plan, Member, i18n, About, Support, Privacy and Database are tabs for different views. The Database tab is available for owners only and is not available for members.

The GITHUB ORGANIZATION is the name of the organization in GitHub that purchased the plan. If a Personal plan was created, this will show the name of GitHub user. This box may have more than one entry if plans have been purchased for more than one organization that the user belongs to or if there are also personal plans. Select in the box to see the available choices.

The user under GITHUB ORGANIZATION is the current GitHub user. This may be a member or an owner of a GitHub organization.

The Logout button returns to the Globalyzer i18n Express login page. It does not affect GitHub.


The default page upon logging in to the Globalyzer i18n Express Server is the Plan tab.

Plan Overview

  • Organization: The name of the GitHub organization (Acme)
  • Owners: Users designated as Github organization owners, there can be multiple owners. Initially, there will be only one owner until others are invited.
  • Plan and Description: What plan was created and its paramenters.

Plan Properties

  • Seats: How many users can use this plan. Different-sized plans are available to match the working environment. For this example, there are three seats total and one is currently being used by the owner, leaving two available.
  • Commits: Some plans limit the amount of GitHub commits that can be done each month.

Plan Cost

  • Created: The date the Plan was created.
  • Monthly Cost: The price of the selected plan.

If current GitHub user is listed as an Owner of the Plan, then an Edit Plan button is available. This button returns to the GitHub marketplace to modify or delete the current plan.


The Member view allows the owner to

  • Invite others to be able to use Globalyzer i18n Express
  • Check the status of invites
  • Reinvite or remove members.

At the beginning, the Member view just contains the Owner who created a plan.


This is for the Acme Organization plan.

  • Only one of the three available seats have been used
  • There is a button to Invite Members.


A Personal plan (for Jane Smith) only allows one user. There is no way to invite other members.


About, Support and Privacy



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