InContext Installation

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In order to use Lingoport InContext QA,

  • LRM must be installed and
  • the G11n Continuous System's Jenkins server must be accessible from the reviewer's system.

The reviewer needs to have the following information, usually received in an IT email:

  • The Jenkins URL
  • Their Jenkins user name
  • Their Jenkins API token

In addition, the reviewer will need:

  • Their email address

Chrome Extension Installation

From within Google Chrome:

You should see a new Chrome Extension with the Lingoport swirl.

Chrome Extension Configuration

  • Click on the Lingoport swirl of the Chrome Extension (top right corner of your Chrome)
  • Click on the 'Option' icon (☰) of the dialog.
  • Fill in the data as per the Pre-Requisites above:
    • Jenkins URL
    • Jenkins user name
    • Jenkins user API Token
    • Reviewer's email address
  • Click on 'Save Credentials'