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Why am I not seeing all the projects?

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What are the settings for MySQL 8 JDBC connection?

Deploying Command Center entails installing two Docker containers, one for the Web application, one for the MySQL 8 database. Both are on the same system and communicate via a Docker network. Command Center is reachable via its URL behind HTTPS. One cannot reach the database from outside the VM on which it is installed. Based on the above, the JDBC URL going from the Web application container to the MySQL container is configured as follows:


If LRM, the Localyzer engine, requires another configuration, that will be up to the customer IT to make that determination. For reference, the following parameters can be set on the JDBC connection:

In particular, if the MySQL 8 is installed in a non-default way and the VM on which the database is setup is not the same as the VM from which the connection is made or is exposed to a public network, the values for the following attributes may be of particular interest:

  • ServerRSAPublicKeyFile
  • allowPublicKeyRetrieval

Open Source Libraries and Licenses

See: Command Center Open Source Libraries

Why am I not getting any resource files?

Why can't I find my project in the list?

Where do I find the description of the errors?

Why am I not receiving notification for my project?