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For supported versions details, please see: Lingoport_Suite_Installation#Supported_Versions

Supported Versions

Command Center 1.1.38 Release Notes (February 2024)

  • Relaxing ICU message format issues: Instead of blocking issues, ICU message format errors are now Warnings; To see them, either go to the issue list or click on the 'Informational Issues' from the Localyzer page in Command Center.
  • Check Send: from the Advanced Settings page, clicking the 'Check Send' button will check any prep kit in a halted state and try to resend them to the TMS. For instance, if the token for a TMS expired as translations were sent, and the token has been replaced, click 'Check send' to re-submit to the TMS. Other case when translation did not make it to the TMS are for example network glitches or changes in the TMS.
  • Reset Project: ability to clean up any unwanted outstanding kits or other items in the on-boarding and restart sending translation using the latest Prep Kit #. Useful when some locales have been dropped from old outstanding kits still in translation for instance.
  • Scheduling WorldServer import: Fixed an issue on the scheduler for WorldServer
  • TMS/MT Connection Renaming: ability to rename a connection and reflect the change automatically in all the projects using that connection
  • Indicate the last SHA for system files so it makes it clear which version of the system files are on Command Center

Command Center 1.1.35 Release Notes (January 2024)

  • InContext Translation Support When creating a TMS connection, configure also a connection to a Lingoport InContext Server. See About InContext Translation . Then when on-boarding a project, if a TMS connection with InContext Translation support is used, configure the Instrumentation locale. That will allow the context capture of the running application in that locale.
  • Analysis Performance Improvements
  • Pseudo-localization, trackback, instrumentation Performance Improvements
  • Start Tracking: After on-boarding, when all is copacetic, click the 'Create project baseline' on the left panel to start tracking any changes to the resource files.
  • Troubleshooting File System: A new file system, independent for projects, can be used to check your system as one wants. See as a sample to get started
  • System Environment Variables: For any scripts, such as troubleshooting, transforms, etc., use System Environment Variables
  • DITA Sample Transform: see to help with your DITA on-boarding
  • Advanced Localyzer Settings
  • Fixed an issue around casing between the repository locales and the TMS or MT locale.

Historic Versions

Command Center 1.1.32 Release Notes (December 2023)

  • AWS S3 Data Source Credential Support. See also Git to AWS S3 System
  • Gerrit Data Source Credential enhancement for slashes in project URL
  • Trados Enterprise TMS support
  • LocalyzerQA support in Command Center, using tags to link a LocalyzerQA application and Command Center projects
  • Changing TMS for a project keeps the on-boarding as close as possible, to make switching TMSs as simple as possible
  • Pseudo-Localization Remote Calling
  • New Version Indicator: Command Center indicates when a new version is available.
  • Better logging on project configuration changes
  • Enhancement in TMS management - internal file configuration.
  • Enhancement in Queue management - interaction between queue and maintenance mode.
  • Enhancement to Globalyzer and Localyzer handling of issues
  • Fix issue on Toggle UI elements
  • Fix issue in Saving projects

Command Center 1.1.11 Release Notes (October 2023)

In addition to the Underlying Localyzer engine features:

Command Center 1.0.154 Release Notes (September 2023)

The Korea/1.0.154 release is the initial release of Command Center. Command Center's application supersedes the Lingoport Suite's Jenkins and Dashboard, and simplifies a number of tasks previously done via either, including

  • Administration of the system
  • Configuration and on-boarding of individual projects
  • Search on project, search on issues
  • Filtering on projects, filtering on issues
  • Sort on projects, sort on issues
  • Improved reporting and logging
  • Improved performance

Below are some of the major features in Command Center:

  • Support for SAML/SSO: The Globalyzer Server can now be configured with SAML/SSO, in addition to LDAP. This allows seamless integration with third party identity providers.
  • Support for Globalyzer 6.8.0: Command Center allows for fast and easy Globalyzer project creation. For information on Globalyzer, please see: Globalyzer
  • Support for Localyzer 9.2.0: Command Center allows for fast and easy Localyzer project creation. For information on Localyzer, please see: Localyzer
  • Figma Integration: Use Command Center to translate Figma designs.
  • Project Tagging: Projects can be organized and filtered using tags.
  • API calls: Initial API calls to list projects, duplicate a project, or get the status of a project in Command Center.
  • Execution Queue: See what is in the execution queue, delete from the queue, interrupt a running job.
  • Improved Issue Management: The user interface for issues has been entirely redesigned.
  • Space and System Requirements Improvements: In Command Center, no files are pushed to the database as was the case with Dashboard.
    A repository/branch is cloned only once in a workspace, even if many projects are created off of that workspace.
  • Access to Code: Source code and resource files are only accessible via the repository, so that only those allowed repository users can see the code.