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Lingoport provides products and services which help our clients meet internationalization and ongoing localization challenges relating to software development and active globalization.


Software internationalization (i18n) consulting services are far ranging, including i18n assessments, requirements, project planning, architecture, small and large scale implementation efforts, testing, documentation, training and more. We have over a decade of successful implementation experience on wide ranging technologies and application domains. Lingoport products are incorporated into our services engagements, making for repeatable and scalable results. We can support internationalization during your concurrent development efforts and help you meet release date demands.


Globalyzer – Supports individuals and entire development teams in finding, fixing and maintaining internationalization issues in code in a broad list of programming languages (More information at

Lingoport Resource Manager – Provides simplified resource file management, verification and translation updating, helping development and localization teams keep up with initial and ongoing application interface resources, their translation and automated re-insertion into product builds (More information at

Dashboard – Displays information provided from Globalyzer and/or Lingoport Resource Manager, showing key metrics and drill downs to individual issues and violations (More information at

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 303-444-8020

Email: info(at)

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