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Command Center requires users to login. Each user created in Command Center is assigned a role that defines the operations that can be completed by the user. There are five roles defined:

  • The right column shows who is logged in (bold) and when the last time users were logged in.
  • An API in the example shows the key in red to indicate that it is expired.

Global Settings

When logged in to Command Center, any user can select the Settings icon SettingsIcon.jpg to access the Global Settings page.


All user roles see the same Global Settings page, but the Administrator has the Maintenance mode slider. Not all users can select the various cards.

Notice that some of the cards have a lock icon LockIcon.jpg. This indicates that the card is not selectable unless the system is in Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance Mode


In order to modify some of the settings, the system must be in Maintenance mode. Only an Administrator user can toggle the mode on and off. When in Maintenance Mode, the lock icon is removed for the Administrator user. For the other users, some of the lock icons are removed. While in Maintenance mode, projects will not be analyzed.


The system needs to be in Maintenance mode to

  • Install and Update licenses
  • Create and edit machine translation connections and translation management configurations.
  • Create and edit data source credentials
  • Create and edit system files

When in Maintenance mode, projects don't run, they just get queued. The queue icon at the top of the screen shows if there are jobs queued. Hovering over the icon shows what jobs are in the queue.


System Email Sender

Users & Teams

Data Source Credentials

Translation Management System & Machine Translator Connections

Project Tags & Tokens

System Logs & Events

The System Logs and Events card can be accessed by all users.

System Files

Advanced Settings


When logged in to Command Center, any user can select the Lingoport icon LingoportIcon.jpg to access the Projects page.


The projects the user will see depend on their role and the access they have been given.

  • Administrator users will see all the projects.
  • Manager, Developer and Translator users will see only the projects their user or team has access to.
  • Only Administrators and Managers can create, edit or delete projects.
  • All users can run or analyze a project and view the results, issues and logs.

Projects Overview

Individual Project Tasks

API Reference

Figma API Project

  • Run
  • [...]
  • Send Translations ...
  • [....]