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Set up Jenkins Plugins

You setup the plugins used by LRM by installing the plugins from the Jenkins interface.

The Jenkins interface

The following Jenkins plugins are required. To see what plugins are installed, go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins and select the Installed tab.


Go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System and under the Throttle Concurrent Builds, add a category (MAIN for instance) with 1 Maximum Total Concurrent Builds and 1 Maximum Concurrent Builds Per Node.

Every Jenkins job MUST have this throttle setup.


A quick note for the relationship between the TOKEN necessary for the lingotekcall back and security:

1) The plugin is Build Authorization Token Root Plugin, It must be installed. However, if no security is set, jobs cannot be triggered remotely using a TOKEN!!! So ...

2) Make sure security is set. The typical one is first set under Configure Global Security in Manage Jenkins for 'Matrix Security' and 'Using Jenkins Own Database'. Once this is set (as opposed to anonymous everything), one can then use the Build Authorization Token Root in the lingotekcall job: Set the Token to 'LINGOSQUARE'

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