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Globalyzer i18n Express scans the added and modified files checked in on a commit with the following 15 rule sets.

If there are files checked in with the extensions below, they will be scanned and a summary will be added as a comment on the commit in GitHub. If no files are scanned, for example, you checked in a .txt file, a summary will not be added as a comment to the commit in GitHub.

Globalyzer Rule Sets and Source Files Scanned

Rule Set Language Source File Extensions Scanned
actionscript as, mxml
csharp asax, ascx, ashx, aspx, cs, cshtml
delphi dfm, dpk, dpr, pas
html asa, asax, ascx, ashx, asmx, asp, aspx, axd, cshtml, ejs, htm, html, inc, jsp, jspf, jspx, mas, master, mi, php, shtml, skin, svg, tag, vm, xhtml
java java, jsp, jspf, jspx
javascript as, asax, ascx, asp, aspx, cshtml, ejs, htm, html, js, jsp, jspf, jspx, mas, mi, php, xhtml
mysql sqc, sql, sqx
objectivec h, m, mm
perl max, mi, perl, pl, plx, pm
php inc, php
swift2 swift
unicode c, cc, cpp, cxx, h, hpp, hxx, qml
vbnet ascx, asp, aspx, bas, cls, ctl, dob, dsr, frm, pag, vb
vbscript asax, ascx, asp, aspx, htm, html, vbs, xhtml
xml jspx, mxml, storyboard, tld, vcxproj, wsdd, wsdl, xaml, xhtml, xib, xlf, xml, xsd, xsl, xslt, xul