Set Up Jenkins CLI User

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This step of the configuration process creates a Jenkins user which the Jenkins CLI can have access to. The Jenkins CLI is used by the Lingoport Product Suite, so it is very important that the configuration is done correctly.

To avoid future issues, please follow these instructions closely for the best results.

Create the Jenkins CLI user

  • Navigate to your Lingoport Jenkins instance in a web browser.
  • Log in as the Administrator user. If there is not an administrator user, return to Set up the Administrator User for Jenkins to set it up before continuing.
  • Select "Manage Jenkins"
  • Scroll down and click on "Manage Users", and on this page, select "Create User" from the left hand menu and fill out the form with the following information:
    • Username: "jenkins_cli"
    • Password: Choose a secure password.
    • Confirm Password: Repeat your previous entry
    • Full Name: "Jenkins CLI Automation"
    • Email: ""
  • Click "Create User"

Configure the security for the jenkins_cli user

  • Still as the administrator user, return once again to the "Configure Global Security" page (Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security) and scroll down to the "Authorization" section.
  • Un-select Administer access for Anonymous Users, if it is checked.. No boxes should be checked for Anonymous users.
  • Verify that Administrator has Administer access checked.
  • In the "User/group to add" field under Matrix-based security, enter "jenkins_cli" and click OK. This should result in jenkins_cli being added as a row in the security matrix above.
  • Enable the following security permissions for the jenkins_cli account:
    • Under "Overall"
      • Read
    • Under "Job"
      • Build
      • Cancel
      • Configure
      • Create
      • Delete
      • Read
      • Workspace
    • Under "View"
      • Configure
      • Read
  • Agent → Master Security: Select Enable Agent --> Master Access Control if it is not already checked.
  • Click "Save" and log out if you were logged in as Administrator.

Get the jenkins_cli Jenkins Token and set up configuration

  • Log in as the newly created jenkins_cli account using the password you just created.
  • Once logged in, in the top-right hand corner of the window, click on the account name (Jenkins CLI Automation)
  • Select "Configure" from the menu on the left (or from the dropdown menu below the account-name button)
  • On this page there should be a section called "API Token" and a corresponding button labeled "Show API Token..." or Add new Token. Click this button. If adding a new token, it can be named anything, it is just a label.
  • Copy the API Token that is displayed.
  • Build the Jenkins job ConfigJenkinsCLI using Build with Parameters. JENKINS_USER should be jenkins_cli. Paste the token into the JENKINS_TOKEN field.

Confirm that the job finishes successfully (it will test to see if it can login with the token).

Log out as the jenkins_cli user and return to the Administrator user.