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Trados Enterprise uses FTP in order to pass files back and forth with Localyzer. However, because the structure on the FTP site for Trados Enterprise is organized by locale-named directories, the configuration to move files back and forth requires first a local vendor, which is then used by two Jenkins jobs, TradosEnterpriseUpload and TradosEnterpriseDownload to move files back and forth using FTP.

Install lftp

lftp is a Linux utility to transfer data and is used by two Jenkins jobs,

  • TradosEnterpriseUpload
  • TradosEnterpriseDownload

On Centos type system, as a user with 'sudo' priviledges, execute the following command:

   sudo yum install lftp

To verify lftp is correctly installed, as the 'jenkins' user, type in this command and check it runs without errors:

   sudo su - jenkins

Link Localyzer and Trados Enterprise

Configure a Local Vendor.

To begin working with Trados Enterprise, create or use the following directories on the Linux file system:

    • /var/lib/jenkins/translation/TradosEnterprise/to_translation
    • /var/lib/jenkins/translation/TradosEnterprise/from_translation
  1. Create an Trados Enterprise local vendor in Jenkins:
    • Select Manage Jenkins->Configure System
    • Scroll down to the LRM L10n Vendor Setup section and select Add Local Vendor
    • Provide a unique vendor name
    • Select Group or Project; if group, select group name from drop down list
    • Configure Prep Kit Files Directory: /var/lib/jenkins/translation/TradosEnterprise/to_translation
    • Configure Imported Files Directory:/var/lib/jenkins/translation/TradosEnterprise/from_translation
    • Save
  2. Configure your Jenkins job to use Trados Enterprise local vendor:
    • Select the Jenkins job you want to use Trados Enterprise
    • Click Configure
    • Scroll down to the L10n Vendor section of your LRM configuration
    • Choose Group or Project; if project, click Local Vendor and then select the Local Vendor Name from the list
    • Save
    • Build (run) the Jenkins job

Configure and Enable Trados Enterprise Jenkins Jobs

  1. Enable the TradosEnterpriseUpload Jenkins job.
  2. Enable the TradosEnterpriseDownload Jenkins job.
  3. Make sure the Jenkins job TradosEnterpriseUpload trigger Build after other projects are built after DashboardPrepkit.
  4. Modify the Jenkins job LocalVendorDownload and check Build after other projects are built and then in Projects to watch, type in TradosEnterpriseDownload.

Trados Enterprise Locale Mapping

Configure which must be specified at the project config level.
This file maps locales from LRM to Trados Enterprise. For example, for a repository locale fr, it must be mapped to fr-FR for Trados Enterprise. The fr-FR must be the name of the directory in the FTP endpoint TO_RWS and FROM_RWS

#Locale mapping language only repo locales <--> Trados Enterprise Locales 

Configure FTP

  1. Set a Jenkins global variable:
    • The name of the Jenkins variable must be: TRADOS_ENTERPRISE_FTP
    • The value of the variable must be in the form: ftp://<user>@<FTP DNS>
  2. Set the FTP credentials in ~jenkins/.netrc, which must correspond to the TRADOS_ENTERPRISE_FTP value
    • machine <FTP DNS>
    • login <user>
    • password <pwd>