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How do I call a Jenkins job remotely?

One possible way to call a Jenkins job remotely is to use cURL. For instance,

 curl "<JENKINS_URL>/view/Infrastructure/job/LRMCriticalErrors/buildWithParameters?token=LGCRITICAL&SRC_PROJECT=Acme.Weather&BRANCH_NAME=test"

will invoke the 'LRMCriticalErrors', a job that checks for critical errors on resource files handled by an LRM project, here 'Acme.Weather', for a given branch, here 'test'.

If you want to get the console output, use the following command after the previous one:

 curl -X POST  "<JENKINS_URL>/view/Infrastructure/job/LRMCriticalErrors/lastBuild/consoleText"

To be called remotely, a Jenkins job must be configured with a token for the 'Build Trigger Remotely' build trigger, like LGCRITICAL for LRMCriticalErrors.

More Advanced Features

When setting up Localyzer on your system, a number of Jenkins jobs can then be created as per the on-boarding and take advantage of the out of the box functionality. The list of advanced features is available for Localyzer knowledgeable users.

Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker

Custom Tasks

Custom Tasks allow a developer to add functionality at certain stages of the Localyzer pipeline. For instance, before a kit is sent to translation, one may want to add some specific task. This requires knowledge of Java development. See Custom Tasks