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Software applications strings are typically stored in resource files (.properties, .resx, .json, etc.) in the repository where the code will access them. In some situations, applications strings are stored in a database. This section is about using a multi-lingual database as the source for application strings which require translation.

For an application to retrieve strings based on a locale, the application string table must have a way to specify the locale.

Install the database client

On the Unix box, install the command line interface client for the specific database. This will differ based on the specific database (MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.).

Get the credentials for the database instance, and check the connection for the user granted privileges on the database and table set up for translation.

It is recommended to set the credentials in a way which allows access to the database without passing them to the command line. If that's not possible, the scripts will need to pass the credentials from a configuration file.

VCS Database Scripts Scripts

To see an example of how to add a connection to your translation database table, see the following sample code, to be adapted to your specific schema: