Globalyzer CI/CD (Lite)

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Can I use Globalyzer with my standard IDE?

The Globalyzer Lite client can be used with Eclipse, Visual Studio and IntelliJ IDEs.

How do I install Globalyzer Lite?

To install the Globalyzer Lite, you first need a Globalyzer account (see this FAQ). Once you have an account, you log into the Globalyzer Server and at the bottom of your home page there is a link to download Globalyzer Lite.

The Globalyzer Lite is a standalone Java application. It uses Rule Sets to scan code at the command line. It is used in the Jenkins configured for the Continuous G11n System and can be integrated as an external tool in an IDE. Please see Globalyzer Lite for more information.

Please see installation for complete Globalyzer Lite download/installation instructions.