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Globalyzer Lite can be integrated into a developer's IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It allows i18n scanning of a project based on a Globalyzer Lite Project Definition file, most likely at the top level directory of the source code, so that developers can check their code before pushing it to the main repository. It does not have the power features of Workbench, but can be used entirely within developers' IDEs. This makes it easy for developers to check code for i18n candidate issues.

Target User

The typical Globalyzer Lite user is a developer working on a global market application.

Typical Deployment

Globalyzer Lite has been unzipped on the software developer's desktop and configured as an external tool in their IDE. The source code has a Globalyzer Lite Project Definition file at the top level directory which specifies how the code should be scanned. The developer's desktop has access to the Globalyzer Server.

Lite for Software Developers.gif

Typical Workflow

The developer uses Globalyzer Lite within the IDE to:

  • Scan the code being worked on for potential i18n issues before checking in the code to the source code repository
  • Refactor the code based on the checks
  • Push that code to the repository

This requires the rule sets used to scan the code have been vetted and the Globalyzer Lite Project Definition file makes sense.

Installation Components

  • The Globalyzer Server is hosted by Lingoport. If the Globalyzer Server is on site, the customer will have to provide a Linux system and install the Globalyzer Server software.
  • The Developer Machine is used by a software developer who will use the Globalyzer Lite Client to analyze globalization.
  • Although not shown in the picture, the Dashboard System could be installed on a Linux system to illustrate progress with issues.

Installation Note

To install Globalyzer Lite, you must have access to a the zip file for Globalyzer Lite. The installation is a question of unzipping the zip file and executing the lite-setup script. To configure Globalyzer Lite, you then need to look at the help page for Lite, globalyzer-lite-IDE-usage.html.