On Boarding the Prep Kit Job

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LRM Only

The Prep Kit Job is relevant only to LRM, it is not needed for Globalyzer-only analysis.

Project Nightly Steps

  • Go to the 3 - Prep Kit tab
  • Click New Item and give the job a name. A recommended job name is groupname.projectname-PrepKit, for instance 'Lingoport.javademo-PrepKit';
  • Click Copy from and enter the name of an existing nightly job, for instance Lingoport.firstjob-PrepKit
  • Enable the job.
  • Only Prep the kit if necessary. At this point, it will send the files to be translated to the actual translation tool or FTP.
  • Verify by clicking the Build Now button.
  • Check the Jenkins console output for errors.
  • There should be emails for each locale and "Upload Success"
  • Check the Dashboard. There should be nothing under "Next Prep Kit Content" and the "Prep Kit Due Dates" should show today as the "Sent Date"
  • Check that the prepkits were sent as expected.

See $LRM_HOME/bin/job_prepkit.sh

Note: You will need to configure LRM to work with your L10n Vendor. Please see the L10n Vendors page for details.