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Ireland Patch - LRM 8.0.24

We found an issue in some corner cases around adding locales in the current (Ireland) release. To correct that issue, we strongly recommend updating the LRM portion of the suite.

This patch is only applicable to Ireland, i.e. installed with ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0.

Please check the version of LRM in case you already have the patch. As jenkins, go to ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0 and dheck the current version of LRM with:

   cd ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar --version

If the version is 8.0.24, you already have the patch and do not need to do anything.

Getting the patch

Download Lingoport_Resource_Manager_Server-8.0-Installer.jar on the VM where Jenkins is running under the jenkins user.

The FTP is on:

  • host:
  • port: 22

Use the same account as used to download the stack updater or stack installer for setting up the Lingoport VM with the Ireland release. The patch is located as shown below:


The jar above must be downloaded in a directory accessible by the jenkins user.

Installing the patch

1) As jenkins, go to ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0. Check the current version of LRM with:

   cd ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0
   java -jar lrm-cli.jar --version

3) As the jenkins user, copy the current ~/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0 to a backup directory just in case:

   cd ~/lingoport
   cp -r lrm-server-8.0 lrm-server-8.0-back

4) As the jenkins user, run the downloaded installer. To do so, you will need the following information:

  • MySQL root username/pwd (the port and location should be the default one, i.e. 3306 and local)
  • MySQL the LRM account username/pwd (the default is userlrm for the account name, but you might have changed it)

> As an example, if the installer was downloaded under the /tmp directory, the command is shown below. Please adjust as necessary the path to the jar file.

   cd ~
   java -jar /tmp/Lingoport_Resource_Manager_Server-8.0-Installer.jar

Make sure you select Update, or 1, as shown below, so the configuration are kept:

   0  [ ] Install Server
   1  [x] Update Server
   Input selection:

Keep the lrm-server-8.0 path (type return)

   Select the installation path:  [/var/lib/jenkins/lingoport/lrm-server-8.0]

Continue with the installation until finished.

Checking the patch is at the correct level

Check again the version of LRM. It should be 8.0.24, different from (1) above

   java -jar lrm-cli.jar --version
   LRM Version 8.0.24

Let us know if you find any issues.