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The <group_name>.<project_name>-PrepKit 'build' Jenkins job preps a kit. It collects the right files, checking for correctness and sends them to the appropriate location, finally notifying the recipients. During this process files move to different system locations to ensure they are delivered properly or they can be delivered properly later if some malfunction happened, for instance due to a network outage.

This section describes how the files are moved.

From Source to core LRM data

The first step is to collect the files from the source directly, after a clean checkout/clone from the repository. If all is copacetic, the files to be sent for translation are moved under the core LRM data directory, LRM_DATA_HOME, which is typically set to <HOME>/Lingoport_Data/LRM.

For instance, if this is the second prep kit, the base files would be moved under:

├── logs
├── prep_kit
│   └── <project_name>
│       └── PREP_KIT_2

Moving the Prep Kit under staging

If that stage is successful, the files are then getting ready to be sent and are placed under the sendkits/lingotek or sendkits/ftp depending on the project configuration:

├── ...
├── sendkits
│   └── lingotek
│       ├── <group_name>
│       │   └── <project_name>
│               └── PREP_KIT_2
│                   ├── BaseFileSearch_fr.xml
│                   ├── FilesToPrep.xml
│                   ├── fr
│                   │   ├──
│                   │   └──
│                   ├── <project_name>_1_fr.xml
│                   └── IncompletePrepKit.xml

Sending the Files under staging

If this has been successful, the next step is to send the files to Lingotek or FTP, depending on the configuration. This may fail due to network problems, server saturation, or other causes. Until the files have successfully been sent, they are kept under staging.

If the files were not sent, the Jenkins job check_send will later on pick up here in the process

Keeping Track under L10nStreamlining

L10nStreamlining helps keep track of what was sent and received. The last stage of the Prep Kit process is to move the files which were under

  • ~/Lingoport_Data/LRM/staging/sendkits

over to

  • ~/Lingoport_Data/L10nStreamlining/<group_name>/projects<project_name>/prepkits/PREP_KIT_2.