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What is the difference between a Workbench Project and a Globalyzer Project?

A Workbench Project is an Eclipse Project. A Globalyzer Project is a set of scans. Ideally you would have one Workbench Project associated with one Globalyzer Project.

How do I create a Workbench Project associated with a Globalyzer Project?

1. Select File=>New to launch Eclipse's Project Wizard.

2. Choose the type of Workbench Project you want to create. For example, if your application is a Java application, you can choose Java Project. If you don't have a plug-in for your application's programming language or you're planning to build and run your application outside the Globalyzer Workbench, select General=>Project and click Next.

3. Enter a Project Name and source code Location in the New Project dialog.

4. Once the Eclipse Workbench Project is created, it will prompt you to create a Globalyzer Project and then Scans for the Project.

I have a Globalyzer Project without a Workbench Project; how did this happen and how can I create a Workbench Project?

This can occur for a variety of reasons: · You've created a Globalyzer Project in Project=>Manage Projects. · You've imported a Globalyzer Project through the Globalyzer Commandline Client. · You've created Globalyzer Projects in an earlier release of Globalyzer and have now upgraded to Globalyzer 4.0 · You've deleted the associated Workbench Project.

Follow these steps to associate your Globalyzer Project with a new Workbench Project:

1. Click on Project=>Manage Projects. This dialog lists all your Globalyzer Projects: Any Globalyzer Project that is associated with a Workbench Project will have a W icon next to its name.

2. Click on the Globalyzer Project that you want to associate with a Workbench Project.

Note that once you've associated your Globalyzer Project with a Workbench Project, you'll no longer be able to change its name or source code location until you break the association.

3. Click on the Associate button. This will bring up Eclipse's New Project wizard so that you can create the associated Workbench Project. Be sure to use the exact same Globalyzer Project name and source code location. Otherwise, the Eclipse Workbench Project won't be associated with the Globalyzer Project. Once you make the association, you'll see a W icon next to the Globalyzer Project's name. You'll also now be able to fully use Globalyzer features on the Project.

I have a Workbench Project without a Globalyzer Project, how did this happen and how can I create a Globalyzer Project?

This occurs when you've already set up an Eclipse Project for your application and now you want to use Globalyzer on it.

1. Right-click on the Eclipse Workbench Project in the Navigation pane.

2. Select Globalyzer=>Add/Remove Globalyzer Nature. This will create an associated Globalyzer Project and bring you into the New Scan Wizard.