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Install SVN on the Jenkins system

sudo yum install subversion

svn --version

SVN for jenkins

The jenkins user will be executing the script for LRM. Log in as jenkins. create a test directory, like mkdir ~jenkins/jobs/test cd to the test directory run an SVN checkout command for a repository to access. For example:

svn checkout

Give a first username / pwd, etc.

Edit ~/.subversion/servers and define your global settings. Here is an example of how one could do it. A lot of possible configurations are possible.


# Password / passphrase caching parameters:
store-passwords = yes
store-plaintext-passwords = yes

Go back to the test directory, remove all files and checkout again:

It will ask to persist the credentials: Choose permanent.

It will ask for the password for 'jenkins': Don't give any It will ask for a username: Give that username (then pwd) for that access.

SVN will checkout the project and then remember the credentials.


Go to the test directory.

Remove all files ( rm -rf * from that test directory)

Run an SVN checkout command: It won't ask for the credentials any longer as they are stored.