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Lingoport InContext Plugin for SDL Trados Studio

Installing the Plugin

1. Install SDL Trados Studio:

2. Exit SDL Trados Studio if it is currently running.

3. Download the Sdl.LingoportInContext.Plugin.sdlplugin from the app store:

4. After downloading, click on the downloaded file to execute and follow the install application instructions.

5. Launch SDL Trados Studio.

6. Verify plugin is there by clicking the Add-Ins tab at the top, then Plug-ins. Verify that Lingoport InContext is in the list and checked.

Accessing the Context

1. In SDL Trados Studio, select File->Open->Translate Single Document and browse to an instrumented resource file.

2. OK the Translation Memory and Document Settings popup.

3. Click on an entry to translate.

4. If the entry has an associated context, the entry will appear, highlighted, in the Lingoport InContext pane.

5. If the entry does not have an associated context, a message will appear in the Lingoport InContext pane saying no context found.

Special Instructions for Resx Files

SDL Trados Studio must be configured to handle resx files:

1. Open Trados Studio

2. Open the File > Options menu

3. Open the File Types > XML: Microsoft .NET Resources > Parser page

4. Click the Add... button and enter the following settings:

  Rule type: XPath
  XPath: //data/lingoport
  Translate: Always translatable
  Tag type: structure
  Whitespace: Inherit From Parent
  Click the Edit... button and then Add... a new rule with the following settings:
     Standard: Custom
     Purpose: Match
     Name: Paragraph
     Code: P
     Identifier: paragraph
     Description: A paragraph of text

5. Click OK multiple times to save the Structure, Property, and Rule

6. The instrumented resx file can now be imported and used.

Uninstalling the Plugin

1. Exit SDL Trados Studio if currently running.

2. Run the program:

  C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL\SDL plugin installer\Sdl.Community.SdlPluginInstaller.exe

3. Click the Uninstall button associated with the Lingoport InContext Plugin.

4. Launch SDL Trados Studio.