LRM Source Base Checks

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Source Base Checks

Checks against base resource files in the local repository.

See Localyzer Checks for additional checks.

LRM Source Base Date Format Check

  • The text associated with this key may be a date format
"SEAR_947AM_14": "9:47am",

LRM Source Base Duplicate Key Check

  • This key already exists in this file
 KEY_1=first instance
 KEY_1=second instance

LRM Source Base Encoding Check

  • Unexpected encoding or, if an xml file, the prolog may be missing

LRM Source Base File Too Big Check

  • This resource file exceeds the maximum size supported by the Lingoport Resource Manager

LRM Source Base HTML Check

  • There is HTML in the text associated with this key
AKEY_3=<p><b>A line with html</b></p>

LRM Source Base ICU MessageFormat Check

ICUKEY_4={num_of_cars, plural, one{car is fast}}

In addition, if the ICU MessageFormat contains parameters, then the parameters must match. See Parameter Mismatch Check

LRM Source Base Modified Text Check

  • The base text has been modified and the translation has not been updated

LRM Source Base No Key Check

  • a key/value pair is missing the key portion in the resource file to be imported, making the text irretrievable by the application.

LRM Source Base No Text Check

  • There should be some text associated with this key

LRM Source Base Not In LRM Check

  • Either the entire file or this key is not tracked by the Lingoport Resource Manager

LRM Source Base Unknown Error Check

  • There is an error in the base file and LRM cannot identify its source

LRM Source Base Unknown File/Line Format Check

  • Unknown format for file/line or empty file (no key/values found) - The base file/line could not be parsed